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  1. Aloha, David…I cut a few pieces of NIP when I was in Hawaii spring of 2013…the wood was sealed with a type of ? marine wax? and has been in the dry in a wood shop in north carolina ever since….how much spalting should I expect…is moisture the prime contributor to spalting…I like some light spalting not heavy….thanks again for the article and great job on the turning…tim green


    • Sorry for the delay in this response. Repeated soaking and drying are contributors to spalting, but if kept under cover cover, NIP will spelt any way, albeit very slowly. If you like light spalting, and the piece is left in the weather, you should turn it within 6-8 months. If you had it sealed and under cover for a year, then the spalting should be somewhat light. This is an educated guess, but hard to predict with certainty.

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